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The bagel is a bread of Jewish tradition. Its origin dates back to the seventeenth century, when it appears a first written reference, in 1610, in a Jewish legal document of the Polish city of Krakow. Since then, the bagel has made a long journey accompanying Jewish diasporas around the world and has been taking root here and there, especially in the United States where, from the mid-twentieth century, and thanks to technology, the process of freezing and the strategic alliance with a well-known brand of cream cheese, it knows its big boom.

The bagel, however, is still a bread with a special preparation (it is boiled before it is baked) that has also undergone a revolution in recent years, like the rest of the world of bread, towards a more traditional production, with manual processes and natural ingredients, without additives or preservatives that, surely, make today's bagel, despite everything, look alike very little to the one of the seventeenth century, but that allow us to enjoy a very healthy and delicious product.

Hand made sourdough bagels

The bagels that you will find inhouse are made by ourselves, in our open workshop, every day, in the traditional way in which good bread has always been made, with natural quality ingredients, natural yeast, all the time necessary for fermentation and, above all, lots of love.

Every day, we prepare the dough for our bagels, which we will bake the next day, with 100% organic ground flour by Ylla 1878. And every day we bake whole grain bagels, with real wholemeal flour, and white bagels, with a 50% mixture of wheat and spelt. On request we also bake sweet bagels of cinnamon and raisins, chocolate, orange and egg and butter, and other salted bagels of tomato and oregano and onion and basil.

Each day we also feed our sourdough with which we ferment our bagels. We do not add commercial yeast, only our natural yeast that ferments much more slowly, but which gives it an unmistakable flavor and aroma.

We do a fermentation in two phases: one hot phase, at about 27ºC, for about 2 to 3 hours, and another cold phase, at 4ºC, for about 18 to 22 hours. This slow process of fermentation adds to our bagels all the organoleptic qualities of good bread and makes them very healthy, even for people with mild gluten intolerance.

Finally, every morning we form our bagels manually, one at a time. There are none equal, they are all different and they all have their personality. Some of them more twisted, others more fatty, but all made with lots of love.

Once formed, we boil them (of course!) in water and bake them in our oven for about 25 minutes. And then our customers start arriving. When the bagels are over we cannot bake anymore until the next day, because the dough must rise the proper time, and we close. So be smart!